Chili with Beans

It doesn’t get any easier than this to make great tasting chili. Just add water and you’re ready to go. Spread some of our Chili with Beans on hot dogs and the family will love you!


For the flakiest pie crusts you can make, Field Lard is the baker’s choice. In addition, it has a high smoke point and adds delicious flavor when combined with other foods.

Cooked Ham

Get our cooked ham freshly sliced at your local deli counter. Of course it makes a very tasty sandwich, but this versatile meat can be used in casseroles and many other dishes.

Barbecue Ham

Our succulent Barbecue Ham tastes as fresh and delicious as if came right off the barbecue pit. Bring one home today!

Hot Pepper Cheese

The perfect blend of monterey jack cheese and jalapeno peppers is used to make our Hot Pepper Cheese. Adds just the right amount of bite to your favorite sandwich or burger.

American Cheese

Add the perfect accent to any sandwich with our tasty cheese. Field® American Cheese comes in three convenient sizes. Great taste and soft on your pocketbook


Made the way we have for over 100 years, Field® brings you a delicious quality USDA choice cut of meat in our Hickory Smoked Sliced Bacon. Fry up the Original Sliced or try the Thick Sliced For breakfast, appetizers or to accent a salad.


Field Braunschweiger has been made the same way for over 100 years. And it should be, because there’s no point to changing a perfect recipe. Try some from the deli counter or grab a convenient 16 oz package.

Flame Browned Ham

To make a satisfying full-flavored sandwich look no further than Field Flame Browned Ham. Add some cheese and grill it. There’s nothing better!

Pickle & Pimento Loaf

An all-time favorite for kids and adults our special Pickle & Pimento Loaf recipe makes a memorable sandwich or is great on a cracker for a quick snack or appetizer.